Let us help you sell your classic car or hot rod. Selling a classic car requires exposing it to the Internet and to a large potential group of buyers. Selling a nice car locally, off a showroom or a car lot rarely works. Nor does it bring the seller their fair value. Internet buyers want to know they can trust the seller and don't usually feel comfortable dealing with a private seller. There are many seller and buyer Internet scams out there and both sides of a transaction need to be careful.
LRA Auto Museum and Sales has been selling not only our own cars, but vehicles for consigning clients. We've been able to consistently sell luxury cars, muscle cars, and custom hot rods for local area clients.
We only consign very nice vehicles, no rust buckets or projects. Our rule is we need to have the vehicle present for photographs here in Bristol, Pa and can store the car until sold if desired. We do not take off site consignments as many cars are visited pre-sale by buyers and inspectors, so we limit consignments to cars that are with us only.

We present your car to the world. LRA Auto Museum and Sales is an established company selling about 250 vehicles per year. We have found eBay, Hemmings Online, Classiccars Online and Autotrader Classics to be the most cost effective and result oriented places to advertise your car. Our website confirms the quality of the cars we sell to potential buyers. LRA has sold cars to other countries around the globe, with a good percent of its annual car sales sold abroad. In today's worldwide marketplace, there is a hunger for high quality American cars. Buyers from other countries only want excellent cars, repaired and with cosmetics in top condition. LRA prides itself on providing these types of cars in the marketplace.
classic vehicles in showroom
classic vehicle with hood up in showroom
Low cost fees paid after we sell your car... Most consignment companies charge ongoing marketing fees. We charge a one-time small upfront fee to cover professional photo session and video work. We charge our selling fees after we sell your car. There are no storage fees or marketing fees accumulating during the selling period. We get paid when we perform. You keep the original title to the car until paid in full.

Repair services are available and affordable... Just like selling a home, your car needs to have some of the little things fixed before it is sold. Proper presentation with repairs completed brings the best selling price. Our team of restoration mechanics and in house professionals can handle any need. While we only sell very nice consignment cars, every car usually has a couple of minor fixes needed and we can handle that for you.

Inquire about selling your car. If you would like to consider LRA selling your vehicle, please send us an email with a few pictures, a short description and your desired selling price. We will contact you concerning your questions and explain our fee structure. We are currently looking to consign vehicles to our Bucks County showroom for our Spring and Summer campaign. Vehicles must be priced based on current marketplace values, not "dreamer" prices.

Vehicle Consignment Registration Form

LRA Enterprises, LLC can help you sell your vehicle! Let us list your vehicle professionally to increase the opportunity of getting your vehicle SOLD. We will advertise your vehicle to help maximize exposure and we have the equipment available on our premises to allow the potential client to fully inspect your vehicle.

Consignor Information:

Vehicle Information:

Body Style:
  1. Free Appraisal and price consultation. Vehicle will be accepted with a reserve placed on it that is considered fair and reasonable by the Consignee and the Consignor.
  2. Clean Vehicles Sell. Professional detailing available for a nominal fee.
  3. 10% Commission will be paid to the Consignee once sale is completed
  4. Consignment is for 90 days.
  5. Car Fax available, if applicable
  6. Should any mechanical issues arise during consignment, Consignor is responsible for necessary repairs. An estimate will be provided to you for your approval to proceed prior to any repairs being completed.
  7. Provided the Consignee has received payment in full from the buyer, the Consignee will pay Consignor within 3 business days the net proceeds less any applicable costs owed to Consignee.
  8. If the vehicle is not sold within the 90 day agreement or Consignor cancels vehicle consignment, the Consignor shall then be responsible for all advertising costs. An itemized bill will be supplied.
  9. In the event the Consignor should find a buyer during the 90 day consignment agreement term or while the car remains in the possession of Consignee, Consignor shall still pay the 10% commission and any necessary fees to Consignee.
  10. Consignor agrees that he/she is the sole owner and has full rights to sell vehicle with a clear and transferable title, free of any Liens.
  11. We will handle all Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) paperwork for you,
  12. Consignor agrees to maintain insurance on vehicle until the completion of vehicle sale. Proof of insurance is required.
  13. There is no warranty expressed or implied through LRA Enterprises, LLC
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